Wolf Suspension

Australian made independent trailer & caravan coil suspension for the toughest and most diverse off-roading adventures.

Lead the pack

Wolf Suspension systems are available in various configurations that are customizable to your needs. Made from the highest quality components, they also come loaded with extra features including:

  • Australian made trailing arms & springs
  • Automotive grade black E-coating
  • Adjustable camber & toe
  • Self lubricating bushes
  • Sunrise off-road brakes
  • Vibrant colour selections
  • Unique ID number


Produced In House at Sunrise

Here at Sunrise, independent suspension is a major passion project. We manage every aspect of design and production using the highest quality materials. Our team uses Australian BlueScope SteelTM for the trailing arms. We have our coil springs locally designed, manufactured and rated to your needs.


Our in-house engineering team ensures all requirements are met to the finest detail with both a thorough and innovative design process.


We put our systems through highly strenuous FEA testing for the most accurate predictions of real life performance.


Our team performs vigorous real life testing on various terrains in all types of weather to verify the highest build quality and functionality.


We oversee all welding and product assembly right here at our Sunrise factory in Melbourne for consistent and precise manufacturing.

KYB Shock Absorbers

All Wolf Suspension systems are fitted with KYB Tena Force heavy duty shock absorbers. Designed in Japan for heavier payloads, these shocks ensure superior stability and exceptional performance.

  • Made for extreme conditions
  • Maintains oil & gas integrity
  • Reduced friction & heat
  • Multi-stage compression
  • All-weather fluids

Redefining Off-Roading

Designed, manufactured and tested right here in Australia, you can depend on Wolf Suspension’s cutting edge technology to take you on far away adventures and get you back home again.

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