Our Brands

Here at Sunrise, we are passionate about stocking the complete trailer range. Expanding our product lines whilst focusing on quality at the same time is one of our core objectives. Our design and production teams have been working diligently in growing the reputation of our brands. Check out the different areas of our company below.


Joining the Sunrise team at the end of 2021, Easylift have been manufacturing Australia’s number one jockey wheel for over 20 years. Easylift has proudly joined with Sunrise to add to their range of trailer parts and further bolster their quality guarantee. This also emphasises Sunrise’s continuous efforts to further the Australian made industry.

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Here at Sunrise, independent suspension is a major passion project. Designed, manufactured and tested right here in Australia, you can depend on Wolf Suspension’s cutting edge technology to take you on far away adventures and get you back home again. We manage every aspect of design and production using the highest quality materials.

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Realising that our scope of works is an industry where scalability, technical transparency and speed, are not easy to obtain and often requires extensive vetting of suppliers to ensure product quality and consistency. To solve this problem, in 2010, we at Sunrise decided to set up our own manufacturing facilities abroad with KNM. KNM is our very own in house international manufacturing facility allowing us to oversee all aspects in the production process of our range. KNM has capabilities extending over a wide range of applications including CNC, casting, spring works and metal fabrication.

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