Here at Sunrise, we believe in sustainability and always make conscious decisions to reduce our carbon footprint. We are continuously exploring new options that have a positive environmental impact which promotes sustainability within our business and in the trailer industry.

Friendly Packaging

We utilise recycled and reusable cardboard packaging for all of our orders. This reduces excess waste and allows customers to re-use packaging as well.

  • We opt for biodegradable packaging to minimize environmental impact
  • We prioritize renewable materials to lower our carbon footprint
  • We focus on optimizing package sizes to reduce material waste

Scrap Metal Recycling

We have large metal recycling bins on site that are loaded with all of our scrap materials. These metals are often collected and reused for other purposes.

  • Help close the loop on material wastage and landfill waste
  • Lower carbon emissions by having scrap metal reused
  • Help conserve energy by avoiding new metals from being processed

Limited Paper Trails

By purchasing online, you help us limit our paper trail. This minimises our paper usage and unnecessary printing to help avoid wastage.

  • Reduce the amount of paper consumed and help conserve natural resources
  • Minimize carbon emission from deforestation and transportation
  • Help promote greater efficiency that benefits the environment

Bulk Shipping

We group orders together based on location to avoid the excess use of freight options on our roads. This minimises carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

  • Support a more efficient and eco-friendly method of transportation
  • Reduce number of trips and help minimize fuel consumption
  • Help decrease the amount of packaging materials used for transportation


Our Brands Value Sustainability

Here at Sunrise, all our brands ensure that our commitment to sustainability is unmatched across all levels of our supply chain.